Hey, I noticed you from over there and I just wanted to say that you’re kinda cute.

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45aHello Mitchel, yes the U Crate will worl for all your belongings. Just make sure evitryhenhg is clean, particualrly any horse equipment needs to be clean and no horse hair. We have all the customs documents for your household goods shipping here and as long as everything is clean and nothing hazardous, no food stuff, nothing that used to be alive all should be good ! I will email you our U Crate prices through to your door in Hamilton. Everything will be included except if there is some sort of MAF inspection where they check to see everything is clean and your shipment is not infected with spiders etc !Regarding your horse and dog, I would recomend you contacting a good friend of mine Mark Botten who owns a company called Pet Express. Mark can help, advise and give you a quote for shippping them on a plane and possible with you too. Make sure your sitting down though as that will not be cheap ! His tel nbr is 1 866 738 6683 Hope that helps, anything else let me know, cheers Moving Doc

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