5 Sure Fire Ways To Ignite Attraction With Women


The majority of men regard flirting as natural.  Is it really?  Actually, it is deemed as the primary instinct for human interaction.  It has become a crucial part of humanity associated with social fun.  Men flirt with women to attract them.  It enables them to know her before asking her out.  However, not all men share the same intention.  Others only do it for the fun of it.  Here’s what you need to know how to flirt with women.

Have Fun

Most women take flirting casually and positively.  For them, it is one way of showing a man’s appreciation and admiration for her.  Among men’s flirting tips is to comment on the most obvious, such as telling her how smart or pretty she is.  Flirting with women basically commences on simple things and gets deeper and deeper as time goes on.

No Regrets

Those men who do not pay due respect to flirting tips end up with a number of regrets and mistakes.  If you are not interested to pursue a romantic relationship with a particular woman, then flirt differently.  Flirting also requires varied approaches based on the kind of relationship you want to maintain or pursue.  Take note that flirting can end up to different outcome.

It’s All In The Touch

You may flirt using light and gentle touches to give subtle spice to a platonic relationship.  But how about if there is an unspoken chemistry between you and the girl?  Only few guys know the right reaction to this.  For most guys, they tend to approach the girl and declare straight away their love.  Such manner works efficiently for some, and fails for many guys.

Spill the Beans

One flirting tip to bear in mind is to be aware that only few women trust and believe a sudden confession.  This is because of the perception that true love waits while infatuation does not.  Flirting with women paves the way for you to know what is in their mind or what they feel.  If there is a girl you want to build a relationship with, then flirt with her to know if she feels similarly for you.  Considering that you are already good at this, then you are likely to get a better insight about flirting producing various results.

Practice Makes Perfect

Flirting with women does not yield favorable outcome all the time.  At some point, the result will make you want to crawl and hide forever.  If you do not want this to happen, then you review men flirting tips. Read Tiffany Taylor’s Guy Gets Girl to get more insight.  Your flirting experiences with women will prepare you for the time when the right one comes along.  By then, you are very much capable of luring her towards you.  When that happens, consider it an achievement.

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