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As a rule of thumb, women make decisions whether they like you or not within the first minutes. If a woman has decided that she is not attracted to you, no amount of effort is going to change her mind. Many men have wasted time and energy by ignoring this simple reality of having fallen into the Lets Just Be Friends zone.

All in all, there is nothing you can do to change her mind. Unless… you change yourself 🙂 Should you be able to leave your old loser habits behind and become a man, she won’t be able to hold on to her old beliefs about you. Now that you’re different and can make her feel different, present yourself to her anew and watch the fireworks 🙂

This however does not revoke the importance of a first impression. Women are used to making up their minds (about you-know-what) according to their first impressions so changing their minds about it will be somewhat of a paradigm shift. You can make it happen, but with a considerably more effort on your part than if you had left the right impression on her the first time around (which she would have returned by leaving the right kind of impressions on you – her claw-marks on your back).

For most men, there is nothing they can do to improve their attractiveness, because they think that either you are born with it or not. For the professional seducer however, there is another reality: he knows which attraction switches to flip and which one not.

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For most people it remains a secret that by simply having a good body language you can attract women. It is easy to get lost in body language literature and try to learn all the possible body language combinations but this is not necessary.

Did you know that the simple use of body language is enough to successfully seduce women? If you wish to become an irresistible magnet for women, then several body language tactics will need to be mastered in order to make these women mentally drool over you. Keep reading to find out three simple techniques of body language that you can put to use to get the girl of your dreams.

Here are the most important tips:

– Be slow. In any given interaction, the person that moves the least is the person with the most status. Women pick up these traits subconsciously. As a result you should respond every once an a while with a delay, avoid all jerky movements and in general move slower than most people out there.

– Talk slightly louder than the environment and use the deepest voice that you can have. This takes time to practice but at least make an effort to project your voice across the room. However, do calibrate: there is no reason to scream in a library but when you are in a nightclub do make an effort.

– Think confident and use a confident body language. This will make you stand up more straight, avoid postures that diminish attraction. Stay straight up, don’t cross your hands or form barriers between  you and the girl.

– Use a solid eye contact: look the girl in the eyes when you talk. It will be stressful the first times that you will try it but you will eventually become better at this.

These are just few very few tips from the complete arsenal of seduction tips that exist out there. Here is a starting point.

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How Meet Girl

Are you actually interested to meet sexy girls and start flirting among them? Remember in order to be a above average flirt you should be a master at it to be a hit with sexy girls. So looked through on to know how to meet sexy girls and flirt with them. Girls sttink astonishing males and you crisis to be acutely interesting for these types of sexy girls to be in essence attracted to you. How Meet Girl

When you have decided to meet sexy girls ensure that you use eye contact to woo the girl and begin flirting. When the vibes between the two of you meet keep intense eye contact and compliment her often. When the both of you start conversing maintain 70/30 eye contact. This means that 70 per cent you should be looking at her and 30 per cent should be avoided. This is needed for the woman to get comfortable with you. This also helps you to set the stage for seduction and at the same time be successful with woman dating skills.

If you are all set to impress the sexy girl with jokes ensure that you do not look at her in the eye as they may think that you are looking at her for approval. If you are in a group ensure that you strike a balanced eye contact with all the members in the group. You should speak with confidence and be honest in whatever you say so that she respects you for your honesty.

A woman loves a man sharing his life’s experiences with her. She feels important and at the same time you can win her emotions. You can then ask her out for coffee and start off your flirting spree. Remember the less you do and say the more she is attracted to you. There are many men who try to impress sexy girls and talk too much. It is better if you let her speak and be a keen listener even if she is talking rubbish. You should display a small amount of interest so that she gets comfortable with you. How Meet Girl

You should not slob around as there are many women who love guys that are avoid slobbering. In fact, this is a stepping stone to meet sexy girls and flirt with them. She will think you to be fun and she will be relaxed with you too. You should be polite and show her respect but at times remember to be a naughty little boy too. This streak of childishness will appeal to her and she will find you cute. You should be cool and funny at the same time. Sexy women also love intelligent men and they like men who are smart and naughty at the same time. Start taking actions to Change your social life forever! Get your How Meet Girl now.

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11 tips on how to attract women

So you want to attract women, and you want to do it soon. I might just as well start by telling you you’re in the right place, I will cut through the talk and tell you the top 17 things you need to know to attract women today!

1) Women tend to find men that smile in a cocky way attractive. Put some style into the way you smile. A cocky smile attracts women because it’s a sign of confidence and dominance.

2) You have to dress well, show women that you actually do take care of yourself. Demonstrating your social status with nice clothes is a great way to attract women and it’s a vital one at that.

3) One of the first things women notice on guys are their shoes. Your shoes will tell a woman more about you than all your other clothes put together. Wear some brand new shoes, and see to it that they are polished and all shiny.

4) Act like a leader, make decisions lead the pack and do not follow. Remember you’re a MAN and women don’t like weak guys but they all want a leader around to save the day if needed.

5) Positive people attract positive things, it’s the rule of life. Show her your positive side and she will no doubt thank you for it in a special way.

6) Groom your hair, have trimmed nails and nice teeth nothing attracts women more than healthy looking men.

7) Be honest, women simply hate dishonest guys. Honesty is a sign that you have grown up from boyhood into a real man and have accepted yourself as a person. Honesty is a sign of caring for what others think, and that’s a great sign to attract women to you.

8) Women love independent men, if you’re not needy of others and can show to women that you can take care of yourself you will attract more women.

9) Knowing what you want and showing it to women will attract women to you like a magnet. Focus on what you want as that’s the key.

10) You need knowledge, if you haven’t done so go buy a book and read it. The more knowledge you’ve got the more flexible you can be in conversations. Being flexible in conversations will attract women since it’s the skill of a true man. Knowledge is power.

11) Have a quick mind when women tease you, reply swiftly and you’ll be ahead of most guys that try to attract women by being slow on replies. You’ve got a brain, now is the time to use it.

Thanks for reading do go ahead and visit my website below for more tips.

Erik Creed has been teaching single men the secrets on what attracts women to men since 1998. You can learn more by going to Erik Creeds website: 
How To Get A Girl Guide Learn How To Get A Girl You Like


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