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Success with women is predictable. You see, women love men and want to love them more.

The level of emotion you’re feeling when viewing a sexy swimsuit model that you like is almost as equivalent to the power that women are going through as a response to a man of unwavering

character who she can open up and let her natural attraction response take over.

When women find a man like this, their own behavior changes. They’ll do all kinds of illogical and radical things to be with him. They’ll buy him things, spend less time with their friends,

daydream about him, etc.

The same thing happens with men to a different degree. It’s more about the ‘quick fix’ sexuality. But after so much emotional attribution to glorifying the soft porn stars, his

behavior starts to change as well in relation to these women who he doesn’t even know.

Both sexes are now building up the fantasy of the opposite sex even more driven by smart commercialism. This whole system is so effective that we now have 100 million singles in the U.S.

Men attribute so much added value, meaning and emotion to the ‘swimsuit models’. It’s like these social ‘models’ (or what they think are ‘sexual’) are a stimuli.

Since the powers are exploiting women as the stimulus, men slip into a conditioned behavioral response mode. At first it’s just logic and then their own subconscious really starts

to believe it after all of this emotional attribution.

They’re in the WRONG relationship to succeed with women.

This is at the pure root of why anything they do won’t work whether it’s seduction, pick up lines or ‘approaching’ women.

There’s no level of logic that’s strong enough to change his conditioned behavioral relationship to her.

There have not been any real answers until now. I think I may be the only one who has ever found the clearest most effective answer and it makes sex.

If men continue down this path of further putting and allowing women to be on a pedestal or accepting those messages while continuing to be the response), they’re going to get further and further away from having real relationships.

It’s time to get a grip and not only change his entire relationship he has with women, but it’s time to ground himself in something on the other side to counteract and reprogram his neurology with as much conditioning in the PROPER relational dynamic.

Then, as me, he will be able to communicate comfortably with powerful, sexy and beautiful women anywhere he goes.

I honestly don’t see any other answer. You can tell a man to be indifferent and work on his ‘inner game’ as something must be wrong with him, but it’s not near enough power (even if he wants to).

Behavioral and habitual conditioning runs deep. His nonverbal body language is broadcasting his true relationship to women when it starts and every action he takes from that frame just reinforces how far off he is.

Pick up lines only make it worse. He chases ‘the prize’ even more and attributes more desire and anxiety to the prize.

For those men, I want them to discover the secret to women and ground themselves in the truth of a woman’s true sexuality.

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