For most people it remains a secret that by simply having a good body language you can attract women. It is easy to get lost in body language literature and try to learn all the possible body language combinations but this is not necessary.

Did you know that the simple use of body language is enough to successfully seduce women? If you wish to become an irresistible magnet for women, then several body language tactics will need to be mastered in order to make these women mentally drool over you. Keep reading to find out three simple techniques of body language that you can put to use to get the girl of your dreams.

Here are the most important tips:

– Be slow. In any given interaction, the person that moves the least is the person with the most status. Women pick up these traits subconsciously. As a result you should respond every once an a while with a delay, avoid all jerky movements and in general move slower than most people out there.

– Talk slightly louder than the environment and use the deepest voice that you can have. This takes time to practice but at least make an effort to project your voice across the room. However, do calibrate: there is no reason to scream in a library but when you are in a nightclub do make an effort.

– Think confident and use a confident body language. This will make you stand up more straight, avoid postures that diminish attraction. Stay straight up, don’t cross your hands or form barriers between  you and the girl.

– Use a solid eye contact: look the girl in the eyes when you talk. It will be stressful the first times that you will try it but you will eventually become better at this.

These are just few very few tips from the complete arsenal of seduction tips that exist out there. Here is a starting point.

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Success with women is predictable. You see, women love men and want to love them more.

The level of emotion you’re feeling when viewing a sexy swimsuit model that you like is almost as equivalent to the power that women are going through as a response to a man of unwavering

character who she can open up and let her natural attraction response take over.

When women find a man like this, their own behavior changes. They’ll do all kinds of illogical and radical things to be with him. They’ll buy him things, spend less time with their friends,

daydream about him, etc.

The same thing happens with men to a different degree. It’s more about the ‘quick fix’ sexuality. But after so much emotional attribution to glorifying the soft porn stars, his

behavior starts to change as well in relation to these women who he doesn’t even know.

Both sexes are now building up the fantasy of the opposite sex even more driven by smart commercialism. This whole system is so effective that we now have 100 million singles in the U.S.

Men attribute so much added value, meaning and emotion to the ‘swimsuit models’. It’s like these social ‘models’ (or what they think are ‘sexual’) are a stimuli.

Since the powers are exploiting women as the stimulus, men slip into a conditioned behavioral response mode. At first it’s just logic and then their own subconscious really starts

to believe it after all of this emotional attribution.

They’re in the WRONG relationship to succeed with women.

This is at the pure root of why anything they do won’t work whether it’s seduction, pick up lines or ‘approaching’ women.

There’s no level of logic that’s strong enough to change his conditioned behavioral relationship to her.

There have not been any real answers until now. I think I may be the only one who has ever found the clearest most effective answer and it makes sex.

If men continue down this path of further putting and allowing women to be on a pedestal or accepting those messages while continuing to be the response), they’re going to get further and further away from having real relationships.

It’s time to get a grip and not only change his entire relationship he has with women, but it’s time to ground himself in something on the other side to counteract and reprogram his neurology with as much conditioning in the PROPER relational dynamic.

Then, as me, he will be able to communicate comfortably with powerful, sexy and beautiful women anywhere he goes.

I honestly don’t see any other answer. You can tell a man to be indifferent and work on his ‘inner game’ as something must be wrong with him, but it’s not near enough power (even if he wants to).

Behavioral and habitual conditioning runs deep. His nonverbal body language is broadcasting his true relationship to women when it starts and every action he takes from that frame just reinforces how far off he is.

Pick up lines only make it worse. He chases ‘the prize’ even more and attributes more desire and anxiety to the prize.

For those men, I want them to discover the secret to women and ground themselves in the truth of a woman’s true sexuality.

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The majority of men regard flirting as natural.  Is it really?  Actually, it is deemed as the primary instinct for human interaction.  It has become a crucial part of humanity associated with social fun.  Men flirt with women to attract them.  It enables them to know her before asking her out.  However, not all men share the same intention.  Others only do it for the fun of it.  Here’s what you need to know how to flirt with women.

Have Fun

Most women take flirting casually and positively.  For them, it is one way of showing a man’s appreciation and admiration for her.  Among men’s flirting tips is to comment on the most obvious, such as telling her how smart or pretty she is.  Flirting with women basically commences on simple things and gets deeper and deeper as time goes on.

No Regrets

Those men who do not pay due respect to flirting tips end up with a number of regrets and mistakes.  If you are not interested to pursue a romantic relationship with a particular woman, then flirt differently.  Flirting also requires varied approaches based on the kind of relationship you want to maintain or pursue.  Take note that flirting can end up to different outcome.

It’s All In The Touch

You may flirt using light and gentle touches to give subtle spice to a platonic relationship.  But how about if there is an unspoken chemistry between you and the girl?  Only few guys know the right reaction to this.  For most guys, they tend to approach the girl and declare straight away their love.  Such manner works efficiently for some, and fails for many guys.

Spill the Beans

One flirting tip to bear in mind is to be aware that only few women trust and believe a sudden confession.  This is because of the perception that true love waits while infatuation does not.  Flirting with women paves the way for you to know what is in their mind or what they feel.  If there is a girl you want to build a relationship with, then flirt with her to know if she feels similarly for you.  Considering that you are already good at this, then you are likely to get a better insight about flirting producing various results.

Practice Makes Perfect

Flirting with women does not yield favorable outcome all the time.  At some point, the result will make you want to crawl and hide forever.  If you do not want this to happen, then you review men flirting tips. Read Tiffany Taylor’s Guy Gets Girl to get more insight.  Your flirting experiences with women will prepare you for the time when the right one comes along.  By then, you are very much capable of luring her towards you.  When that happens, consider it an achievement.

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Quite a number of my readers have written to me lately wanting to know the kind of woman they should associate with during these hard economic times, just three things to look out for! “three things” they say, and since am never short of ideas and experiences, bearing in mind that i am one them in the field thirsting for love and hoping that one day one time i will hit it big, i had no choice but to come up with the three proven partner character traits to look for. Remember that when you enter into the dating field, you are not looking for just friends or bedfellows, you are looking for a future lifelong partner.

I have always wanted to befriend a partner that can laugh her heart out for a long time now, one who never takes dating so seriously that she breaks out worrying every time am late from work or game. This am sure will double the fun in the house and also contribute in burning the calories that we constantly accumulate consuming French fries while watching our favorite soap opera. I think i am not living in my own world because i know this kind of partner character traits are there and waiting to be seduced. I would like to listen to a partner laughing all so often even in bed, it makes me relax and feel kind of young in body and spirit. In my quest for a loving partner i have come to realize that those with these kind of partner character traits are smart, funny and even overly kind.

Another thing to look out for is aggressiveness. This is one of the most favorable partner character traits there is but most men always go wrong on this. Why? you may ask. Most women are always turned down if you become just too aggressive. It would be important that at this point you do not show too much muscle, yeah right! I would rather both of you share the same partner character traits and are aggressive in equal magnitude in order to improve up on your relationship. I would definitely prefer a woman who is sexually aggressive, yes but without overdoing it. It would be boring if i will always have to ask her out or remind her that we need to save some money for the future or at most to remind her that we need to go to bed.

And last but not least, i would stay away from cliche or pick up lines; as heard on the movies kind of talk, This kind of language is used when one meets another person, usually of the opposite sex. I would say that this is not the best of partner character traits that i would want you as a man to develop. It does not exhibit in itself any kind of originality and the user is sort of seen as stupid or silly. Will will bear with me on this one, some pick up lines are pretty silly, and would discourage a woman even more and more especially if you are starting out on love for the first time.

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It is not a secret that men find it harder to get a girlfriend than it is for women to get a boyfriend that they like. Maybe one reason is because men find it harder to put what they really feel into words whether with the same sex or the opposite.

There are some steps to be followed for a man to get a girlfriend successfully. Unless, there is a woman who will come a man’s way with the declaration of love for him; the man must learn the steps on how to get a girlfriend that he likes.

Men, young and old alike lack courage to speak with the opposite sex, most especially when a man thinks that he found the woman of his dreams in that certain woman. It will be very impossible to get a girlfriend for a man who will never be able to muster his courage to talk to a woman.

Everything will have to start with communication and there is no other way to communicate without talking, unless, of course, the man is mute! It is not really a big deal, muster that courage and talk to the lady you have your eyes on and you will see that it is not such a big deal. You will surely feel comfortable talking once you started to pick on a conversation with a lady.

A man’s fashion style is one essential thing for any man to get the attention of the opposite sex. It must be maintained at all times, as well as proper hygiene. Confidence and courage is important to start the first conversation with a woman but without the elements of style in a man before the attempt to talk, it will surely be unsuccessful.

Showing efforts on how you look and present yourself to the opposite sex is a successful part on how to get a girlfriend. One way to see that your breath smells good before approaching a girl to talk is by licking the back of your hand and smelling it. The smell you can sniff from the lick on your hand is most probably how your breath smells. Of course, this is important to avoid getting a woman get turned off with the way you smell.

The final part on how to get a girlfriend will be the approach that you will be using. Sometimes, due to the nerve-wracking idea of getting a woman or a lady to talk to you, man gets to charge the opposite sex with pick-up lines that result to a negative impression. This must be avoided to start the attraction process of getting an opposite sex interested with a man. Cheesy lines do not work on women.

Impressions that are made the first time last, remember? Get a good shot at the only chance you get for building the impression you want by being natural. Be sensitive with the body language the woman is showing. Let her react to you by smiling; when you see a lady smiling, then, that is your signal, move on and go further in trying to win her interest in you!

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