How to flirt with women is a skill that all guys should carry all the time (well, unless if you’re married or a priest). Flirting is the best and basic human way to interact with women. Even better flirting with women can be done at different places and at different times, and it also needs different approaches and techniques for women responds differently too. There is what we call the slight and heavy flirting, ranging from a simple wink to dancing with your bodies close.

The very first thing that guys must remember is to be confident. Never underestimate the power of self assurance. A girl can smell a confident guy from afar, and most of the time, they get attracted to them. But remember not to overdo it, no one enjoys a braggart. Develop your confidence and read about these two important weapons on how to flirt with women.

Use body language. Our gestures can be a very good instrument on reading the opposite sex’ characteristics and attraction level as humans tend to communicate more through their body language. The way you stand, talk and smile will get her attention and from that, they tend to make their impressions out from those. For beginners, try smiling. Not a big dorky smile but a playful smile. Try this formula: glance, make eye contact, look away and smile. Believe me she will notice this and it will turn her on. As the eyes are the window to the soul, eye contact is a great way to connect and get her attention.

When you have succeeded, maintain eye contact while talking. It shows that you are serious and attentive to whatever she says. Another on the list are your body language. Stop slouching, or covering your mouth while talking, look confident and use flirting gestures like lightly patting her shoulders or giving her a high five.

When you finally get to talk to her, use your next weapon on how to flirt with women: communication skills. Women love a good conversationalist, and besides, it’s the best way to flirt! It’s totally up you; you may use your humor, your intelligence or your sensuality. It depends on what kind of man do you want her to think of you. Are you that cocky but funny guy? Then flirt by telling her a joke or by teasing her lightly. Use pick-up lines, but be very, very careful, as these lines are not a 100% effective.

If you want to engage her in interesting conversation talk about pop culture (women love this stuff especially if it from the gossip news magazine) or the different places you have traveled to. Avoid commenting on her looks that will just convey interest and she will have her guard up. You may try these dialogues to get her alone:

”Lets sit somewhere a little more quiet so we can talk” or “I know of this great café, you may want to join me?”

Have fun flirting!

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If you’re like a lot of guys, learning how to get girls to like you is one of the hardest things you have to figure out. You’ve tried pick up lines that didn’t work; tried to look like Brad Pitt with no success; most of the time you just end up feeling like an idiot.

If you’re trying to get a girl to like you, then you have to involve something that is more important than looks; more important than some ridiculous pick-up line. You have to involve yourself and build a rapport with her.

Rapport is that part of communication that goes beyond mere talking. It’s the part of communication that builds a connection between a man and a woman.

Here are the easiest steps around for building a rapport with girls.

1. Be positive. Upbeat and happy people are more fun to be around. Positive people literally draw an almost palpable energy, then give it back out to others. Extremely sexy.

2. Be full of energy. Now, you don’t have to go bouncing around the room like a rabbit to display energy. What you do have to do is be engaged and engaging when talking with others. Listen intently. Be enthusiastic on topics that you enjoy. This type of energy is contagious.

3. Be confident. This doesn’t mean you have to know all the answers and have the perfect thing to say at all times. It means that you have belief in yourself and what you do know. If you don’t know something, say so. Don’t try to act like you know about a subject you don’t have a clue about. You’re in idiot territory when you do that.

4. Relax! Girls are wonderful! They don’t want to humiliate you. They WANT to get to know you. Just relax into conversation and begin to build a rapport. This is fun, if you’ll just relax and enjoy yourself.

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Let’s face it. If you’re anything like the 99% of guys on the planet, you get terrified when you see a beautiful woman at a bar or club. This isn’t because you’re scared of girls, but because you’re scared of what to do and say around them, especially the pretty ones. If you can just figure out how to get into a conversation with them in a non-threatening way, you’re already way ahead of half the entire male population. I’m going to show you exactly how to do this.

I used to be just like you. Before I became naturally good at attracting women, I used to stutter and stammer when I tried to talk to a girl, and I came across as creepy and needy. Then I figured out a little trick that worked like a charm. I could easily start a funny and playful conversation with a girl, without her thinking I was trying to hit on her. But, although it didn’t seem like I was trying to pick her up, subconsciously they would see me as a cool and attractive guy and I had no problem taking a lot of them home at the end of the night.

A little disclaimer: This trick requires that you take just a little advantage of one of your friends. But in the end there’s no harm done.

OK, if you think you’re ready for it, read on.

STEP 1: You should be talking to a guy friend of yours, preferably just the two of you, and walk around until you see a girl you want to approach. Stop there for about a minute or two.

STEP 2: Say to your friend, “hang on a sec,” and walk up to the girl you want to talk to. In fact, the prettier she is, the better. You know what? Go ahead and find the absolute HOTTEST girl in the bar.

STEP 3: Approach her from the side, so she can see you coming in her periphery. Position your mouth about 8-12 inches from her ear and say (sort of a loud whisper, really), with confidence and indifference (since you’re not trying to pick her up), “Hey, listen, my buddy over there thinks you’re really hot. He really wants to talk to you but he’s so shy, it’s kinda funny actually [motion your head to friend who will be standing alone].” Watch her reaction to she if she’s interested in talking to him. 9 times out of 10 she won’t be. She may say something like, “oh, thanks.” Whatever she says, just tell her, “do me a huuuge favor and just talk to him for like, 2 minutes… he’s a real sweetheart, I promise!” Be fun and playful about it. Talk to her as if you two are old friends.

STEP 4: Whatever she chooses to do, you’re in now. You can either keep her engaged and start a conversation from here, or let her talk to your friend, who will most likely be so thrown off guard that he won’t know what to say around her and she’ll come running back to you.

So why does this work? In Step 3 above, you are saying one thing, but conveying something else entirely. What you’re saying is: you’re friend thinks she’s good looking, which she probably hears a thousand times a day. What you’re conveying is this: it’s your friend, not you that thinks she’s attractive. He’s shy, you are the confident one who had no problem approaching her and telling her what to do. You want her to talk to him, you are indifferent to whether she stays or leaves. Girls are naturally attracted to guys who exhibit all of these behaviors.

And the best part is, since you aren’t ACTUALLY hitting on her, you CAN’T be rejected, so you have no reason to be nervous in the first place!

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Ever wondered how to get a girl to like you in prehistoric times? It might entail having to prove your strength by slaying animals, or even challenging other men to a fight. These days, the competition is more subtle (thank God). However, this doesn’t mean it’s less aggressive.

Knowing how to get a girl to like you puts you steps ahead over the other guys who are fumbling with their words… or using the same old pick-up lines over and over again.

Fortunately, you never have to resort to corny pick-up lines after you’ve read this article.

1) Be More Sociable.

One effective way on how to get a girl to like you is by being sociable and approachable. Always have a smile ready on your face. Not a fake smile, but a genuinely friendly one. If you’re having difficulty putting on a sincere smile, just think about all the wonderful traits she possesses.

After you’re done rehearsing your smiles, practice the art of conversation. Girls love men who always have something interesting to talk about; but let them do more of the talking. Becoming an effective listener could put you miles ahead of other guys.

2) Be Smart.

Being a “know-it-all” is not a good way on how to get a girl to like you. Being smart is not the same as showing off all your academic diplomas, or sharing your knowledge about the different species of creatures in the sea.  You’ll bore the girl to death.

Being smart, in this case, means having your own opinion and being able to justify it with sensible answers. Having a healthy sense of humor also pushes you three steps forward.

3) Don’t Be A Push Over.

No one wants to hang around with a push over. To know how to get a girl to like you, you have to see yourself as someone who is worthy of her time. Otherwise, why would she waste her time on you?

Don’t cower or lower your head all the time. These are signs of guys who obviously don’t have self-confidence. Stand and sit with a straighter back and talk with your head held up at just the right level. Don’t hold your head up too high because no one enjoys talking with arrogant people either.

Knowing how to get a girl to like you have a lot to do with strengthening qualities you already have. In the long run, following these steps will help you in other areas of your life as well.

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Why “Cocky and Funny” Attract Women?


Are you aware of the ways of attracting women? May be you already have some great ideas to pull women towards you, still some more of those are always welcome! For most boys, it is habitual to say that being cocky and funny does not only mean to be a gentleman but it also shows the bad side. If you just consider this from the other end, it seems to be an excuse for those guys who fail in attracting women towards themselves. What you need instead is to remember that you are being cocky and funny to make others laugh.


While doing this, if you come to know that you are the only person laughing, and all the others are quiet, it is definitely indicative of something wrong. You will be surprised to know that most women are attracted to men who are conceited, and positive. Men, who belong to the alpha category, do have an exceptional power to attract women. It has been found that these types of men are aware of the tactics of making a woman laugh, and have a good sense of humor, rather than being cocky and funny. However, for men who are only expert in kissing, and sucking up women for them, there is no other way out rather than being lonely.


While talking about attracting women, the cocky and funny materials inside you should be in a proper ratio. Women are attracted till the moment they are able to digest your cockiness. If it goes out of their tolerance, then the situation seems to be nothing better than arrogance to them. We all know that too much of everything is not good, and the same thing happens when your cockiness goes beyond the level. Eventually, women are deterred from talking to you. Women will just fall on you when they get a good mixture of jokes, and haughtiness from your cocky and funny behavior.


It is not necessary to have a great outlook all the time; the main thing is your body language, rather than attitude. While talking, girls do follow your tone, your verbal communication, and your eyes. The movement of your eyes plays an important role while talking to a girl. They are capable of making the difference between a positive man, and a man who is quite nervous. Being cocky and funny from the deep of your heart attracts a woman, instead of acting in front of her. Women are attracted to men who know how to play, and at the same time is cocky and funny.


It attracts a woman once you manage to present both of the activities together because, it helps to decrease your conceit, and increase your appeal. When men are able to strike equilibrium between their arrogance in the exact ratio then they are able to attract a woman. Instead of answering all the questions asked by the girl, try answering a few of them to yourself, and change focusing on fun emotions. If you manage to point out a subject that chills a woman or suits her, then you have the game half won. Being cocky and funny should not mean that you are only trying to end up in sex with her, it is rather about impressing upon the woman.


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