Some Partner Character Traits That You Should Be Looking For


Quite a number of my readers have written to me lately wanting to know the kind of woman they should associate with during these hard economic times, just three things to look out for! “three things” they say, and since am never short of ideas and experiences, bearing in mind that i am one them in the field thirsting for love and hoping that one day one time i will hit it big, i had no choice but to come up with the three proven partner character traits to look for. Remember that when you enter into the dating field, you are not looking for just friends or bedfellows, you are looking for a future lifelong partner.

I have always wanted to befriend a partner that can laugh her heart out for a long time now, one who never takes dating so seriously that she breaks out worrying every time am late from work or game. This am sure will double the fun in the house and also contribute in burning the calories that we constantly accumulate consuming French fries while watching our favorite soap opera. I think i am not living in my own world because i know this kind of partner character traits are there and waiting to be seduced. I would like to listen to a partner laughing all so often even in bed, it makes me relax and feel kind of young in body and spirit. In my quest for a loving partner i have come to realize that those with these kind of partner character traits are smart, funny and even overly kind.

Another thing to look out for is aggressiveness. This is one of the most favorable partner character traits there is but most men always go wrong on this. Why? you may ask. Most women are always turned down if you become just too aggressive. It would be important that at this point you do not show too much muscle, yeah right! I would rather both of you share the same partner character traits and are aggressive in equal magnitude in order to improve up on your relationship. I would definitely prefer a woman who is sexually aggressive, yes but without overdoing it. It would be boring if i will always have to ask her out or remind her that we need to save some money for the future or at most to remind her that we need to go to bed.

And last but not least, i would stay away from cliche or pick up lines; as heard on the movies kind of talk, This kind of language is used when one meets another person, usually of the opposite sex. I would say that this is not the best of partner character traits that i would want you as a man to develop. It does not exhibit in itself any kind of originality and the user is sort of seen as stupid or silly. Will will bear with me on this one, some pick up lines are pretty silly, and would discourage a woman even more and more especially if you are starting out on love for the first time.

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