Things Women Do To Test You – Congruence Tests


When a woman starts to feel the slightest interest in you as a man, she will start to test you. This testing will intensify during the attraction phase and will diminish throughout the other stages. However, it will never turn off. Some women test more than others, but testing goes on, even past seduction during a long term relationship.

If you pass these tests a woman’s attraction will go off the charts, but if you fail to meet demands her attraction will extinguish. This is why it is very important to understand the nature of these tests.

One thing that should become clear is that these tests come very naturally among girls and that it is normal for a woman to test the man if she is about to sleep with him. She wants to determine is he is of high social status or is he pretending to be. Her emotional circuitry does not understand that she may not be having a baby with you. Modern contraception is relatively new to the human race and it does not aect reproductive instincts. They come up with these tests unconsciously – women are not in any form mean or evil or anything of that sort in testing you.

You should also be very happy to notice these tests, because they mean that she is interested in you. On the other hand, if a woman doesn’t test much it doesn’t mean that she isn’t attracted to you, it just happens that, for whatever reason, she doesn’t do it as oftenas other women. Also, women in their fertile days of the month tend to be more open to sexual invitations, and tend to screen men much more than normally.

Types of tests

A girl will try to test if any of the traits you are displaying are real. Metaphorically
speaking, she will pull your hair to see whether you are wearing a wig or not. She may test in any way she feels, but most of the time she will just tease you and provoke you to see if you react. If so, then to what extent. She will be especially screening for any negative emotional reactions.

How to respond to congruence tests:

a) Do not respond Ignore them. Talk about something else.

b) Respond: “Yes”, “Of-course” and move on.

c) Tell her what she is trying to do. “I see what youre doing there… trying to tease
me. Nice try.”

d) Answer with something irrational. “But of course Money penny”, “one plus one
equals three. Everybody knows that”, or, “I do not speak Chinese.”

e)  You can out frame her by finding something clever to answer back. This looks
impressive, but remember that the less energy you consume for your answers the
better it becomes for the long run. Less is more. For more details look here.

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I hate testing, but women do it constantly if you are not a guy they consider a real guy.

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